Elephant Illustration | Open Photoshop-file

Jens A. Larsen Aas
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A fully open Photoshop-file. A behind-the-scenes. A look at the framework underneath one of my illustrations. Download, open, toggle through the different layers. Turn adjustments layers on and off and see what happens. For this illustration I did a sunset-variant and daytime-variant. Each uses some different adjustment layers. I figure it can be interesting to see how both are done.

I'll admit I had second thoughts about putting this out here. It's not much... you know. But it's something I surely would have found useful in my freshman year of art school or as a teenager trying to make sense of it all, so maybe just you will find it useful and learn something. I know for myself that all my art and illustration knowledge has come to me very incrementally- in small nuggets of "aha!". With this I hope I can offer such a lil' nugget. A little light bulb turning on above your head.

All the layers have been named and color-coded for your convenience. And in the interest of filesize, I've reduced the resolution a bit and changed the dpi from 300 to 72. Apart from that, this is what my working document would look like.

I wanted to make this free, but Gumroad has a filesize-limit for free content. I reckon it has to do with bandwidth and their servers. But if you find yourself utterly disappointed, scammed- let me know, and I'll offer a refund.

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Free for personal use.

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Elephant Illustration | Open Photoshop-file

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